Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spring 2010 Fashion Outlook

The Look 2010

Spring is coming, I cant wait for it to arrive,Its going to be very  exciting  for the fashion conscious woman .This spring I will be adding more accessories and a splash of color to my wardrope. My wardrope is very basic lots whites,black,and beige, but I promise myself that I am going to spice it up. Accessories add a dash of newness to your clothes .A scarf or neckerchief can be that item  . By adding a new piece of jewelry any outfit can be updated . This spring there are many looks and  I am sure that you can make one of theses looks your favorite . We can divide the looks it into 4 categories.The Modern look ; The Romantic ; The Feminine  and the Cosmopolitan Look.

The Modern Look

The '' Modern Look'' is a look for that girl that is  ahead of her time  ,she is sexy,likes to wear lots of mixed chains,chunky bracelets,wears leather,and  loves bold colors. The color palate for the modern girl is whites, yellow,black,orange,light greys.
The Romantic Look

 The '' Romantic Look''  When I think of this look I thihk of the 40's feminine dresses lots of pretty lace ,flowers and fruit prints.Think straw hats and sunglasses . Long glass beaded necklaces beatiful flower pins.Colors white,beige, pink,soft blue,denim.Some fashion magazines are showing beatiful very feminine floral dresses worn below the knee and a  skinny belt.

The Feminine Look

The '' femenine look ''  buy something  with a touch of lace,or satin  .Sheer fabric in soft colors like pink ,blues  nude .If you buy jewelry ,buy a bracelets with bows and  long pearl necklaces , these can add a  feminine  touch to  the look. Add a  pastel top handlebag  or  feminine clutch, the look is very soft and girly. 

The Cosmopolitan Look
 This look is very free spirited you could wear multi fabric designs and still look good  .Animal prints tribal prints are also in style.Add a longmultistring necklace and large multi media bracelets like wood ,shells  turqouise beads and you are set.Colors reds ,yellow,orange,chocolate,indigo and greens are the main colors for this look.The color khaki is  also going to be very strong color for 2010 .Think orange/khaki ,red /khaki. This can be completed with  tied-dyed a blouse ,dress ,and skirt. 'Also importat are batiks,and ikats these are ethnic designs ,that will be important in 2010.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Valentines Day Cards

Valentines Day Cards Made With Felt

I made these cards out of felt and stock paper. They are very simple to make and you can even make them with your children!

The material  used are sheets of stiff felt red, pink, white or any color want. You also would need sheets of stock paper that are usually used for scrapbooking. They are available in beautiful designs and colors. I used some more white stock paper for the inside of cards but if you have just regular white computer paper this is just as good for the inside of the cards !

Another great idea is instead of cards you can make mini bags by sewing the sides and adding handles!

Monday, January 25, 2010

Instead of a Cake Think of Cupcakes

Cupcakes mini or regulars size can be an alternative to a cake! They look cute placed on a cupcake stand and taste delicious. You could purchase them and make your friends beleive you made them or just make them yourself and add some personal touch!

When selecting you party favors think of all your options. First and foremost have your budget in mind. I bought the small candle jars, pink cookie cutters, mini picture frames, butterfliesand ribbons all at Michaels. I used the circut Personal Electronic Cutter to make tags . You could cut shapes like flowers and hearts. These tags could be tied to your party favors with beatiful ribbons. Your inexpensive favors will look expensive and lovely!

Inexpensive Party Favor Ideas

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Simple Bridal Shower Decorations

I planned my future daugther in law bridal shower in one week. The decorated table was very easy to make.
All it took was a folding table, roll of tulle, inexpensive beige fabric and a glue gun.
I first measured the top of the table for the width, then I added an extra yard for gathers. Measure how long you want it to be then sew by hand. Its does not have to look perfect. It'll look like a skirt. Put the skirt aside.
Take a piece of fabric place on top of table, it's going to look like a short table cloth. Take any heavy duty tape and run it around the to hold the short table cloth you made.Take the skirt and glue it to the table edge, or you can just tape it .
Last cover the edge with ribbon or a piece of fabric.