Sunday, February 14, 2010

Bandanas are not just for cowgirls

 Bandanas never go out of style,they have become a basic accessorie.I bought a basic white cotton bandana in white and black .Check the picture below it is undecorated.

In this picture the scarf is a beginning to get decorated.

    I colored the paisley designs with a black fabric marker and added jewels.


Saturday, February 13, 2010

Safety Pins Fashion Accessories

Safety pins are not just for holding  things together.  The first thing  that comes to mind is  the old fashion cloth diaper , a broken bra strap and many other things. The other day I was reading a fashion magazine and came across a picture of a handbag  decorated with pins . The bag was very cute .I bought a box of  safety pins and decided to create something. From the box  of pins I made a necklace,three bracelets and a pair of earrings. My daughter  allready has her eyes set on them .I hope you like my designs and try to make them, they are easy to make just be carefull when working with pins .Also this is not a project for young children. If you decide to make  them, the materials are the folowing.

 -box of safety pins
-sheet of felt
-embrodery thread
-sewing needle with wide  eye
-small seed beads



Sunday, February 7, 2010

Be Creative When Using Duck Tape

When creating with duct tape dont just use tape .I love to use flowers, pins ,and stones to give my designs a more creative look.  If you line your bags with fabric the bag is more durable.  You could also use flet  as a   backing for your design.   Velcro the sticky kind is good to use for closures.    Bag  handles  can  be made of chains ,  but they have to be reinforced.  I forgot to tell you that you can use lace.I use lace on my bags and belts. Ribbons are also great .I am sure that you have an old belt with no use hanging in your closet. Take out the buckle,and use it ,give it a new life. If you have an old  necklace use it as a handle . Pin a flower or use velcro to hold it.

Duck Tape Fashion Accessories

 Duck Tape Fashion Accessories

I must  confess that I got hooked on desingnig accessories with Duck Tape.At first I thought it was  kind of stupid ,but  when  I took the first roll of tape Igot hooked. The first project  I made was a Michael Jackson jacket .The jacket was a hit. The more I used the tape the more intricate my designs got. I have designed handbags, wallets ,bracelets  , belt, and flowers out of Duck Tape.The posibility is endless, just follow these rules.

Rules To Follow
1.Work on a clean and smooth surface.
2.If you have long hair pull it back or it will get stuck on the tape.
3.Make sure that your nails have no nail polish ,your nails will get ruined.
4.Make a  drawing of your design .
5.Make  a paper pattern of design.
6.Use Duck Tape brand of tape it is the best to use.
7.When you start taping make your pieces are larger than you need.
8.Start by cutting pieces 2 inches long .

Duck Tape Designs by La Deliz Chica