Friday, April 12, 2013

My first Bead Soup Blog Party

My reveal day finally here .Before I show you my reveal I would like you to know a little about me.I started designing jewelry in the year 2002.It was started by accident.I was invited to a fundraiser and,though I had a dress ,I did not have matching earrings to go with it.I went to several stores but did not like anything and came home empty handed.Out of desperation I took out my jewelry box and found 3 pairs of earrings.Well I took them apart and created and new pair  earrings that looked very nice.

Three months later,I was bored with my job and  decided to do jewelry designs.My previous job was an accessories buyer.By working as a buyer,I had gathered a lot of information  and resources on my own.I went to many showrooms and worked with designers and fashion shows  and accessories expos  that it was very easy to start my own small business.This gave an advantage so I decided to go out on my own.In my collections I use materials such as shells ,pearls,wood turquoise,and lots of semiprecious .My designs have sold in several upscale Madison Avenue stores in New York City.

I would like to thank Lori McDaniel  Anderson for doing such a great job .Her passion for this group is great and I can't forget to mention the ladies of this group ,you are all very talented and I learned from all of you.

My bead soup was send to me by Candida Elkins Castleberry from Spun Sugar Beadworks  a line of hand crafted Thank you Candida for the great soup mix.

 My bead soup can in this pretty  pink box with a very nice note from Candida.

Vintage Romance

                        I love anything with a vintage flair and this necklace says vintage romantic to me.The mix of chains give a modern twist.I used milky blue Rondelles and mini freshwater pearls that Candida send me .I added some medium size freshwater pearls and large pendant to give it some drama.

Pendant Drama

I called this necklace ''Pendant Drama'' because the pendant takes all the attention .This piece is made with glass beads and mini freshwater pearls  and milky blue rondelles and big stone focal.
                  Bohemian Chic                 

Leather cord necklace .In this necklace I used a flower closure  and some frosted glass beads that Candida send me I incorporated some of my beads to this design also.

This the flower closure.
Metal Madness Cuff
This wide cuff was made from a sheet of metal it was a challenge but I did and love the way it turned out.It's made with Czech pinch beads in light ocean blue color and round porcelain focal.

All Wire Wrapped

Wire wrapped bracelet  since I love  wire wrapping I  did some wrapping on this bracelet  using 3  large porcelain beads as focal and  wrapped fresh water pearls, glass beads  and frosted glass beads along with mini blue Rondelle.
Wire Wrapped Earrings made with  frosted glass beads and tear drop beads.

Drop Earring  with pendant with chains and fresh water pearls and glass beads.They are the same color    t
he light is playing tricks.I kind of like it and left the picture.

Chain Drop Earrings
 Simple chain drop earrings simple but elegant  and romantic.

This it I hope you liked my designs ,I can't wait for the next challenge. Thank You Lori Anderson it was a great experience.