Thursday, September 12, 2013

Polymer Clay and Me

Hi everyone my name is Elsie Deliz  Fonseca,''La Deliz Chica and All that Craft''.
I live in New York State in a beautiful county called Westchester  in the the town of Scarsdale.I live surrounded by lots of trees ,flowers ,birds ,chipmunks and squirrels.I am what you call a city girl stuck in the suburbs.I say that because before moving to the suburbs I was a city girl .I lived 35 years in Manhattan and 13 in the suburbs but you can not take the city girl out of me.

My favorite place

When I am not polymer claying I take care of my flowers or play with wire.Every spring I look forward to working outside ,cleaning ,planting and waiting for the trees and plants to bloom.In my garden I have peony ,lilac,day lilies ,tiger lilies,hydrangeas,  mint, hosta ,magnolias and dogwood trees.Below you can see some pictures of my beauties.

Tiger Lily
White Peony

  When I was a little girl I wanted to be a fashion designer.One day while in my Social Studies class ,we where reading the New York Times and discussing current events ,guess what I was not reading the newspaper I was sketching .I saw a beautiful fashion illustration from Bloomingdales and decided to copy it. I still remember my teacher Miss Karen looking over my shoulder and I looked at her in fear and she said to me '' That is beautiful do you want to be a designer?and I said yes and she answered ''You will be a great one.'' Miss Karen  was my mentor and someone that I will never forget.I can't forget to mention Mrs Mittleman the pricipal oh my she was a sharp dresser. I used to look forward to the mornings,this woman would wear the most beautiful suits and shoes Every morning we would line up in the school gym and Mrs Mittleman would do a dress inspection.I every time she passed by me I was I was looking at what she was wearing that day.She was my fashion icon and  I wanted to dress like her when I grew up.

I could say that a have accomplished many of the thing  I wanted to do in my life.I became a accessory buyer for 14 stores,went to many  fashion shows ,visited and worked with many famous designers and now I get to design my own jewelry line.I have a great family and life.

What can I tell that you about myself that you don't know.I could tell that when in my 20's I used to love to go Disco dancing ,Thursday,Friday and Saturday and sometimes Sunday and I had the time of my life.One day I was asked by a famous dancer if I wanted to join his dance company.I said no because I did not know how to dance flamenco,and  he answered '' I could teach you'' and  you could travel all over the world.I did no accept and glad I did not .

Know do you want to know how I started with polymer clay?I was first introduced to polymer clay by a great lady that goes by the name of Beading Flower.Beading Flowers posted a picture of a mini polymer clay flower  that she had made.Then she posted another a picture of a mini, tiny cupcake.I had no idea of what polymer clay was but what Beading Flowers made with it was beautiful.
Two months later I bought some clay  did some research but was afraid to use it.Another month passed I bought a toaster oven on sale for $29.99.It took me another week to finally be brave enough to start playing with the clay, guess what I burned my first  project  a flower  but I saved it.It's been 2 years since that day and I love every minute of it.What is my favorite technique ,I don't have a favorite yet because I need to experiment more ,most of my claying is for making beads or pendants for my necklaces ,bracelets and earrings .When I can't  find the colors of beads I need ,I make them.I am taking a fondant cake decorating class just to learn to make polymer clay flowers techniques are similar and hopefully I will learn to make polymer flowers.My art and designs inspiration comes from nature ,museums ,street and from Pinterest .My extra question from Tammy Tusher Everly is ''If you could create a polymer clay color,what would it be? Tammie It would a nature inspired green since I am always looking for that perfect shade of green,and I would call it ''that perfect shade of green.My question for Lola is ''What is your favorite polymer clay creation and why?

These are some of my creations made with Polymer Clay.
Polymer Clay Drop Earrings

Polymer Clay Bracelet Mixed Media
Heart Earrings

Lava Beads that I from Niki  Meiners tutorial

A twist to Valentines Day
Polymer Clay and Origami Paper

Polymer Clay and Origami Paper Necklace
Polymer Clay on Leather Cord

Have a happy clay day...............