Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bridal Shower Decorations

 I was working on some bridal shower decorations and this is what came to my mind ,they came out rather nice. They could be  hung on a clothes line with some nice clothes pins ''.Oh I like that idea'' or just  glue on dowel either  painted or dowel wrapped in ribbon,and place in a  pretty container.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Bobbies ,Bobbies,Pretty on My Hair

Do you want to transform that plain bobbie pin into a  pretty piece of hair jewelry. Well yes you can ,and I did .I went to the supermarket today not to buy hairpins but food shopping,Well I walked in to the cosmetic aisles and saw the goody brown bobbie pins ,I remember seeing in a fashion magazine a fun DIY project using bobbie pin and glue and stones.I bought a pack of 18 pins for $4.99.  I went  home  and started crafting.I love how my pins look .If you want to give your hair that summer glam look try it out.

Pack of bobbie pins from goody or whatever you like
E-6000 glue
Some Acrylic beads color of your choice
Enamel accents from Ranger black and white
Paint brush  fine tip


 1.Paint the bobbie pin with the Enamel accent using the color of your choice and let it dry.
2.Glue the acrylic bead or ribbon bow with E-6000 and let it dry.
3.If you like you could paint dots on the acrylic beads or leave  just leave it plain and let it dry.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

                                                 Stop Hold On To That  Glass Jar

In my family we eat a lot of Pasta Sauce my favorite is Tuttorosso,I can not eat any other sauce that's how good it is.I collect the empty jar and use them in my craft projects.Take a look at what I made today.Get inspire and lets get crafty. I use my for holding pencils ,brushes ,flowers ,kitchen utensil etc..

Materials Needed

twine- large roll
glue gun
glue sticks  2-3
flower of your choice

1. Start from top of jar  mouth area ,glue twine to glass hold twine tightly .
2.Place more glue and continue wrapping around the jar but do not use  glue on all of jar skip areas but wrap twine tightly as you go along .
3. When you get to the bottom of jar glue all around .This will hold the twine in place .
4. You are finished enjoy .

My latest Jewelry Creations  .. PEARLS and other BEADS....

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Resin Charms and Rings

                                               Resin kit from Michaels bead landing line.     
The result was great .I love my rings the resin dried really great not sticky.I recommend  this product.