Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pretty Palette -January Inspiration Pantone Color of the Year Marsala 18-1438

January Pretty Palette Inspiration is inspired by the color Marsala which is Pantone color of the year.When Pantone announced this color to be the color of the year I was like'' What '' but the more I did research on Pinterest the more I like the color .I find the color to be sophisticated ,fun ,with a touch of retro depending on how you choose a color compliment it.I must confess that I don't own anything in this shade but I did find a nail polish in that shade  and it belongs to my daughter . I just remembered I have some Christmas decoration in the color  because I don't like decorations in the color red. Well then I cant say that I don't have anything in that shade. I was just thinking that  a velvet jacket would look great in that shade or velvet skinny jeans and adorned with the jewelry I made with Erin Prais -Hintz January Pretty Palette Halcraft USA. Thank you Erin and Molly .Visit E
Visit and take a look at what Erin design for January Pretty Palette at.                                                                                                                                                             

This is a list of beads that I used.

MSKU#463510374677 Resin druzy purple 11mm
MSKU# 10172478 Dyed quartzite ruby round 10mm
MSKU#10149762 Amethyst luster glass beads 8mm
MSKU#10321778 Red glass opaque round 4mm
MSKU#10374635 Glass pearl purple mix 6mm

I also used chains and buttons that I bought a while back .I had planned to make something with the polymer clay  and the nice long zipper  but I  had no time because of the storm that was coming to our are so that got put into the back burner until next week. In the picture you also see the bottle of nail polish that I was talking about  I put in the picture for kind of inspiration .

Wired Wrapped With Chain  with Buttons  Drop Necklace 
''Cherrie Bomb ''Wire Wrapped Necklace with Drop Pendant with button .
Beaded Crochet Necklace
Chain and Druzy Necklace
Mixed Media Leftover Buttons and Chain Necklace  .This one was made with left over materials .