Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bead Hoarders Blog Hop

Wow what can I say ''I hoard beads ''. I have a huge stash some I love and some are waiting for that special moment .In my stash I have chains, buttons, semiprecious,pearls,plastic,resin and polymer clay beads.I even have a strand of faux pearl that is about 50 years old ,it was given to me by a lady that use to work at home making samples for a jewelry company.When she gave me the strand she said that she knew I would make something pretty with it.

The Bird
This is my third one .I bought a package of cardboard bird templates last year .It was 3 in a package for around $1.50 .I  bought 3 packages because I fell in love with the bird.There is a story behind why I love birds.You see when I was around 5 years old I found a baby bird in the street ,and he was hurt . I made my mom go into a store and ask for a box so I could take the bird home and nurse him back to health.Two days later the bird had died .We buried the bird in the box and in a beautiful are of the backyard.I cried for for days.

My stash all wired wrapped

 Here you could see the stands of the 50 year old faux pearls and my other beads  and metal stamped piece.The postcard on the right was given to me by my mother a couple of years ago  for mothers days.
The bird cage 
This bird cage was given to me by my daughter ,and perfect for my display picture.The cage has a magnetic board  with 4 tiny birds .

Wire Crochet and Wire Wrapping 

This piece was made with a mix of glass beads seed beads and Greek ceramic beads that Lori send me.The square brown beads are the Greek ceramic beads .The top part of necklace is wire wrapped then wire crochet and bottom part is wire wrapped.This for my daughter she already claimed it.

Chain and Wire Wrapping 
This is my last piece was made with my chain stash .I have a box full of odds and ends of chain pieces left over from previous projects.My focal is all wire wrapped into coils and I wire wrapped jet black beads with a chain dangles
Chain Focal
The Stash
                                               Thank you for visiting and keep on beading.