Saturday, December 1, 2012

Creations and Inspirations

Headband with big flower and chains  
Mixed and Match Necklace 
Kilt pin  earrings with glass beads and turquoise beads and wire wrapping caption
Coil  Bracelet  made with copper wire and turquoise beads. 
Memory Wire Creation

Wire Wrapping 
Sliders and Chains
Metal Leather and Slider
Leather Charms and Paper

Cuff Leather and Charms 

Choker with Slider and Chains


  1. Your work is eclectic, inspired, and unique. If you've never submitted to Belle Armoire Jewelry or Jewelry Affaire, I'd really encourage you to!

    1. I totally agree with Lori! Elsie, you always have stood apart with your creativity and flair - try submitting your work! I think getting your work out there in many sectors... will get you more widely known. Your style transcends stereotype so exposure in many areas of jewelry design would be beneficial. Don't limit yourself :)

    2. Lori you might think that am crazy but I learn and found the comment section when doing the BSBH I had no clue that I had comments.It good that I did the hoop other wise I would have never updated my blogging skill.I am very sorry .Thank you for your comment.