Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Paper Bag Journal and Hardcover Book Bag ....

I love to recycle and reuse and whenever I have the time or moment I craft with my found  treasures.You don't have to know how to draw ,paint or even sew its all about using something you already have and just personalize and make it fabulous.Below is a pictures of my paper bag journal made from paper shopping bag and a handbag made from a very old hardcover book.

Paper bag journal
Some of the materials used for my journal


Inside my recycled paper bag journal

A spray of beads hang from center

 Romantic Book bag -Handbag

The romantic book bag  was made with a very old hardcover book .I removed the pages  and left the book with only the cover .I  had some leftover scrapbooking paper left from previous project and decided to use it .Everything used to make the bag is repurposed ,the pearl handle was made with a strand of pearl that was repurposed from a necklace.The pendant was adorning a mason jar but the jar broke , the fabric bow was a small piece fabric left from a previous project. I  only reuse things that could be given a second chance .Remember any imperfection ,and scratches make your design more vintage inspired .You could also mix old and new for a more unique look.

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  1. Wow! This is absolutely fabulous! Really excellent work! Such a book can be an awesome present for a girl who loves that cute things:)