Sunday, February 7, 2010

Be Creative When Using Duck Tape

When creating with duct tape dont just use tape .I love to use flowers, pins ,and stones to give my designs a more creative look.  If you line your bags with fabric the bag is more durable.  You could also use flet  as a   backing for your design.   Velcro the sticky kind is good to use for closures.    Bag  handles  can  be made of chains ,  but they have to be reinforced.  I forgot to tell you that you can use lace.I use lace on my bags and belts. Ribbons are also great .I am sure that you have an old belt with no use hanging in your closet. Take out the buckle,and use it ,give it a new life. If you have an old  necklace use it as a handle . Pin a flower or use velcro to hold it.

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