Sunday, February 7, 2010

Duck Tape Fashion Accessories

 Duck Tape Fashion Accessories

I must  confess that I got hooked on desingnig accessories with Duck Tape.At first I thought it was  kind of stupid ,but  when  I took the first roll of tape Igot hooked. The first project  I made was a Michael Jackson jacket .The jacket was a hit. The more I used the tape the more intricate my designs got. I have designed handbags, wallets ,bracelets  , belt, and flowers out of Duck Tape.The posibility is endless, just follow these rules.

Rules To Follow
1.Work on a clean and smooth surface.
2.If you have long hair pull it back or it will get stuck on the tape.
3.Make sure that your nails have no nail polish ,your nails will get ruined.
4.Make a  drawing of your design .
5.Make  a paper pattern of design.
6.Use Duck Tape brand of tape it is the best to use.
7.When you start taping make your pieces are larger than you need.
8.Start by cutting pieces 2 inches long .

Duck Tape Designs by La Deliz Chica

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