Monday, June 25, 2012

Bobbies ,Bobbies,Pretty on My Hair

Do you want to transform that plain bobbie pin into a  pretty piece of hair jewelry. Well yes you can ,and I did .I went to the supermarket today not to buy hairpins but food shopping,Well I walked in to the cosmetic aisles and saw the goody brown bobbie pins ,I remember seeing in a fashion magazine a fun DIY project using bobbie pin and glue and stones.I bought a pack of 18 pins for $4.99.  I went  home  and started crafting.I love how my pins look .If you want to give your hair that summer glam look try it out.

Pack of bobbie pins from goody or whatever you like
E-6000 glue
Some Acrylic beads color of your choice
Enamel accents from Ranger black and white
Paint brush  fine tip


 1.Paint the bobbie pin with the Enamel accent using the color of your choice and let it dry.
2.Glue the acrylic bead or ribbon bow with E-6000 and let it dry.
3.If you like you could paint dots on the acrylic beads or leave  just leave it plain and let it dry.

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