Wednesday, June 20, 2012

                                                 Stop Hold On To That  Glass Jar

In my family we eat a lot of Pasta Sauce my favorite is Tuttorosso,I can not eat any other sauce that's how good it is.I collect the empty jar and use them in my craft projects.Take a look at what I made today.Get inspire and lets get crafty. I use my for holding pencils ,brushes ,flowers ,kitchen utensil etc..

Materials Needed

twine- large roll
glue gun
glue sticks  2-3
flower of your choice

1. Start from top of jar  mouth area ,glue twine to glass hold twine tightly .
2.Place more glue and continue wrapping around the jar but do not use  glue on all of jar skip areas but wrap twine tightly as you go along .
3. When you get to the bottom of jar glue all around .This will hold the twine in place .
4. You are finished enjoy .

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