Thursday, August 16, 2012

Dollar Frames All Dressed

I bought these frames at an art and craft store .I payed a dollar for each,they come unfinished ,and are made out of wood.I had left over paint and ribbon from previous project .I always save any scraps of materials that I think could have a second life.I have been holding on to these frames for a while trying to figure what to do with them . Yesterday I was cleaning my craft draws and found the ribbon and flowers and here is what I made.These frames could be great to do projects with your children ,great for baby showers ,bridal showers ,birthday parties.or just a gift to your friends,but the best thing about them is that they are inexpensive.

 These are the materials I used .

2.Flowers these are made out of paper you could use silk
3.Acrylic craft paint in color of your choice
4.Foam brush or regular brush ,I prefer foam because it leaves no hair on frame when painting
6.Glue gun to glue ribbon ,lace bow and flower
7.Scissor to cut ribbon
8.MOD PODGE to glue scrapbooking paper to frame
9.Scrapbooking paper of your choice to cover frame
10.Lace for bow
11.Flower  flower of choice

For white frame with black and white ribbon ,start by painting the frame ,let it dry .When dry glue ribbon with hot glue gun,then hot glue the small flowers.

For frame using scrapbooking paper ,place frame on scrapbooking paper and trace shape inside and outside
cut outside and inside  ,then  MOD PODGE on frame and on place paper frame over the wood frame.Press paper making sure you have no bubbles ,then add MOD PODGE over the frame and let dry.When dry glue lace bow then glue flower over bow and let dry.You are finished enjoy...

Remember you can decorate these frames in many ways using newspaper,magazines,wrapping paper,flowers shells beads,rocks.

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  1. what a a cute idea! I have so many flowers left over from my daughter's wedding, I should do some of these to frame some of her wedding pics.