Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lets Use That Can.....

I do lots of recycling in my town we have to recycle certain items like paper,metal,plastic and glass.Well at the of the week I am left with lots of cans,tomatoes sauce, beans and so on.What I is as I use whatever is in the cans I wash and rinse them let them dry and set them aside .Today I had an urge to paint and decorate 4 cans that I had collected during last week .My daughter is going back to school very soon and I wanted to make her pretty containers for her pencils or her hairbrush or her just to put flowers.This is also a very cheap and economical way of reusing and giving a second life to things we around our home.I added lace,buttons paper ,flowers and even duct tape to my cans.Let your imagination and creativity flow.

                                                                    Clean Dry Cans


                                                         Directions for all four designs

 I spray painted the cans using KRYLON indoor/outdoor spray paint ,this paint dries in about 10 minutes or less .Spray can inside and outside. let it dry and check missed spots and spray if needed.When dry  decide if you want to decoupage your can ,if so then you need scrapbooking paper or any paper of your choice and cut into small uneven pieces.Take a foam brush and you now you are going to apply a water base sealer like MOD PODGE to the entire can, and start cutting paper into pieces and start placing on the can.Make sure that you also put the sealer on piece of paper this way it will have a better stick on the can.Continue until you have the desired design and at the end give a final coat of sealer to entire can,this will give a stronger bond. Lets the can dry for 1 hour them you can glue gun the buttons on.

If you choose the lace can just spread MOD PODGE all over the can and place lace and mold the lace around the can .If you have extra lace on top just spread some sealer inside the jar and press the lace around to mold into shape.Let the lace dry .When dry add flower, bow ,ribbon or whatever you like with a hot glue gun.

If you like to decorate with scrapbooking paper you are going to cut paper to whatever size you are going to use. Depending on size of paper you might just need one paper or maybe two.Now that you have your paper ready spread the sealer on can .When done put sealer on back of paper and start placing paper into can ,with your finger work the paper smoothing it getting rid of air bubble. Next spread sealer allover the can and let dry .When dry add decorations of choice

The duck tape design is the  easiest one to do ,just buy  a roll of duck tape and just tape on jar .Remember these tapes come in many fun colors and you will have plenty of extra tape  that you could use for another project.

                                                                       End results

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  1. Hey those are great projects. I love the flowers on the cans.